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Candidates for Fellowship must be active members in good standing, have practiced implant dentistry for at least 3 years, completed an additional 50 hours of continuing education.

  • Six (6) mandibular stabilizations cases
  • Two (2) maxillary stabilization cases
  • Two (2) crown and bridge cases


Candidates for Mastership must be Fellows in good standing, having practiced implant dentistry for at least 5 years, completed an additional 75 hours of continuing education.

  • Six (6) Immediate extractions and SDI placement cases
  • One (1) Roundhouse case or Outside publicized SDI article
  • One (1) Donated Hardship case (eg military veterans, missionary, natural disaster victims...)
  • Two (2) published articles in the quarterly AAOSDI journal


Candidates for Lifetime Membership must be nominated by an Academy member and voted on by the Board of the AAOSDI. These nominations must display the highest standard of ethical and professional behavior and be a model of innovation in the SDI arena. (A maximum of two memberships awarded per annual meeting)

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