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Published Implant Articles

Implant Dentistry, Volume 21 • Number 1, 2012


"Replacement of a Molar With 2 Narrow Diameter Dental Implants"

by Ziv Mazor, DMD, Adi Lorean, DMD, Eitan Mijiritsky, DMD, and Liran Levin, DMD

JCO, Inc, Volumnn XLIV Number 5


"Miniscrew-Supported Transitional Tooth Replacement: An Esthetic Alternative"

by David E. Paquette, DDS, MS, MSD

Dentistry Today, November 2010


"Meeting Demands of Today's Baby Boomers!"

by Ara Nazarian, DDS

Dentistry Today, September 2010


"Stabilizing Partial Dentures Using Small-Diameter Implants"

by Ian Erwood, BSc, DD

Implant Dentistry, Volume 17, Number 2 2008


"Fixed Partial Dentures and crowns Supported by Very Small Diameter Dental Implants in Compromised Sites"

by Dennis Flanagan, DDS

General Dentistry Sept/Oct 2010


"Comprehensive Implant Restoration and Shortened Dental Arch"

By Roger A. Solow, DDS

February 2012,


"Mini Dental Implant-Supported Zirconia Crowns: A case report"

by Paresh B Patel, DDS, and Andrea Mascolo, DDS

Dentistry Today, September 2010


"Improving Implant Impressions"

by Gregory Gillespie, DDS

Dentistry Today, April 2011


"Small-Diameter Implants"

by Ara Nazarian DDS, DICOI

Journal of Oral Implantology, Vol XXXIV/No. 2/2008


"Immediate Placement of Multiple Mini Dental Implants Into Fresh Extraction Sites: A Case Report"

by Dennis Flanagan, DDS

Dentistry Today, April 2011


"Compromised Foundations Require Confident Conversation"

by Richard Winter, DDS

Dental CE today, November 2010


"Gingival Aesthetics, Bone Remodeling, and Implant Reconstructions"

by Mariano A. Polack, DDS, MS and Joseph M Arzadon, DDS, MD

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